System Error follows ITTO, a tourism robot turned relic, on his quest through a deserted British landscape to fulfill his primary function: to help people. Through 6 issues, the reactivated ITTO overcomes many challenges posed by a robot-strewn environment no longer controlled by humanity.

System Error is a full colour six part indie comic series scripted, drawn and coloured by Phil Chapman. It is published by www.bluefoxcomics.com. Currently episodes 1 – 5 have been published with the final issue complete and ready to be released soon.

Read a preview of issue 1 here.

“The standout parts of System Error are the gorgeous splash pages. There are a few of them and every one is full of details that give you pause for a bit.” comicbooknews.co.uk

“I can’t wait to see what‘s next for ITTO.” Fanbasepress